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These are links to some of the best sites about informal science education, in addition to our own. If there are other sites you feel should be on this list, please send us their names, URLs, and brief descriptions here.

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NSF Media & Informal Science Learning: Linked In

Our original meeting place for media and informal science education professionals, it will continue to be the location we use for general and strategic discussions, and a great networking spot for our community as well. If you prefer Facebook, we've also got an outreach point for general discussions and networking established there as well.


NSF Funding: Informal Science Education

This section of the NSF site is where new funding opportunities for informal science education programs can be found. It's both searchable and browseable, and contains a wealth of resources to help you prepare your funding proposals. ISE is generally funded through the Education and Human Resources directorate of NSF, for example the Foundation recently announced a funding opportunity for communicating research to public audiences here.



Founded in 2007, CAISE (the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education) works to strengthen and connect the informal science education community by catalyzing conversation and collaboration across the entire field. A partnership among the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), Oregon State University (OSU), the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments (UPCLOSE), and the Visitor Studies Association (VSA), CAISE focuses its work on improving informal science education practice, documenting evidence of impact, and communicating the contributions of informal science education.


Informal Science.org

InformalScience.org seeks to promote and advance the field of informal learning in science and other domains. This site is a place to share knowledge and support a community of learners to inform informal science learning theory, evaluation, standards and practices. It's an ongoing project of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Learning in Out of School Environments (UPCLOSE), a group of researchers and educators dedicated to building and applying a practical theory of learning and teaching in informal environments.


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